One of the key aspects of the successful arranging
and execution of a new project is the contracts’ Financial side


Finance has to be arranged and provided in strict accordance with the technical and operational parameters of the projects, in both the construction and operation phases.

We have specific knowledge and experience in special financing structures, such as:

1- B.O.T. (Build, Operate and Transfer)
2- Project Finance, recourse and non-recourse

3- Export Finance
4- Supplier Finance

5- Mezzanine Finance
6- Supranational Finance (i.e. loans and equity from World Bank, EBRD, ADB, BEI)

We are able to assist our Customers in the set-up of BANKING AND FINANCIAL STRUCTURES of their contracts relating to industrial projects.

Also we have a deep understanding and experience in TRADE FINANCE schemes and transactions, and can assist our Customers in the arranging of side contracts (supply, take-or-pay, take-and-pay) and structures (SPV, Escrow companies) aimed at supporting and facilitate the financial structures of the Project and/or the sponsor Company.

We have also understanding of Islamic Finance specific requirement, and can help our Clients in interface their deals in other specific markets.

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