When new projects are in their initial stages, and preliminary evaluations on general aspects and macro-variables are needed, Glass Engineering & Contracting offers a special preliminary package of services, with the goal to allow the investor to:


Make a PRELIMINARY ASSESSMENT of the key aspects and the OVERALL technical and financial viability of the project

Start initial CONTACTS and PRESENTATIONS to potential partners and financiers

DECIDE to proceed or not
and how

The Preliminary Services package
usually consists of:

1- Visits to the Customer and to the proposed site

2- Discussions and agreement on the basic parameters of the new plant

3- Preliminary lay-out of the whole factory and the production lines for the proposed equipment and machinery from equipment manufacturers

4- Basic calculations for production outputs, raw materials and energy consumptions, and emissions and waste

5- Definition and technical specifications of plant parts, equipment and machinery

6- Request, collection and technical and commercial evaluation of preliminary offers for the proposed equipment and machinery from equipment manufacturers

7- Estimate of the cost of the items excluded from the supply and to be provided by the Client

8- Definition of the project completion time schedule

9- Financial model to be used as base for the feasibility study

10- Definition of the project cash flows and of the financial structure of the investment

This package can be contracted as a STAND-ALONE SERVICE, without obligations of further commitments for other phases of the project.

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